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LocoGringo Mexico gives you local insights, vacation tips and stories from people who live and work in the Riviera Maya and Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Our host Kay Walten, will introduce you to people in Mexico who tell of their journey to the Yucatan, their local scoop on the people, the Mexico and Mayan culture, places not to miss on your next vacation, food and more. LocoGringo gives you travel info that you won’t find in a travel guidebook. Discover Mexico for your next vacation on a more intimate level than a typical tourist. As an expat, Kay has been working in vacation and tourism in Mexico since 1992. She is also co-founder of the vacation rental site
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Apr 4, 2017

My guest today puts his heart and soul into everything he does.
Ken Brownlee is the Founder and primary shooter of Visual Media Productions in Playa del Carmen. Today he shares funny stories about shooting weddings, tips for brides and his favorite food joints.

When Ken was a teenager, his parents would drive from Canada to Florida, to get away from the harsh winters. Ken loved spending a month in the water, and didn’t want to return to the cold. He decided, after college, to become a scuba instructor and travel the world.

Ken visited eight countries in four years, but once he came to Mexico he found himself in a place that instantly felt like home. He worked as a scuba instructor for tourists, and that turned into underwater photography and video, and then it morphed into weddings and landscapes.

Ken says shooting weddings appealed to his nature, because he grew up surrounded by love. He loves capturing the special moments between couples, and he feels privileged to be able to share in the couple’s special day. Ken says he has had a Bridezilla or two, but the majority of brides are walking 3 feet off the ground.


Ken’s Tips for Brides

● The first dance is better when you and your groom move around.

● Smile and look up when you are first announced, bride and groom.

● Take a breath and get out of your own head. Everything will be fine.

For Ken, the Mexican people are what keep him in the Riviera Maya. They are warm and friendly. He also loves the climate with its blue skies and cool nights, the delicious food, and the natural beauty.


Ken’s Favorite Spots:

Bacalar The lagoon of 7 colors.

El Pirata Ken’s go-to spot for ceviche in Playa del Carmen.

Las Hijas de la Tostada Great spot for lunch.

La Rana Cansada A hotel/bar that feels like home.


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